The Essential Practice with Erin Fleming

This 75-minute Yin Yoga sequence takes you through nine essential yin postures in Erin’s critically acclaimed audio practice CD. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes each in order to maximize the release of connective tissue and the healthy increase of joint flexibility.

The instructions are clear and basic, and the practice is perfect for yogis and of every level — from the physically fit to the injured to those brand new to yoga. Whether you have taken a class or workshop with Erin and are looking to re-experience her live practice, or are new to Yin Yoga and looking for an essential audio CD, “The Essential Practice” delivers on its name.

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Yin Yoga Poses


1 Savasana
2 Meditation
3 Twist
4 Half Butterfly
5 Swan
6 Sphinx
7 Dragon
8 Meditation & Butterfly Pose
9 Shoelace & Dragonfly

“Presenting Yin Yoga is an art. The teacher must walk the line between instructing and remaining unobtrusive. Erin Fleming’s Yin Yoga does both. She knows the
material, has a wonderful voice and has put together a good sequence of poses. The music and audio were excellent. For a home practice I think this CD is a
great aid. Congratulations to Erin and her team.”
Paul Grilley
“Erin’s delightfully soothing voice and sparkling clear instruction, guide you through a lovely session of Yin Yoga.”
Sarah Powers